Tuesday, August 22, 2017

On Repeat

Déjà vu, right? If you follow me on Instagram, you've definitely seen this on my feed once or twice before, but let me explain why.

I've had this jumpsuit since I went to Miami in March and it has been on repeat ever since. Although I pride myself on the fact that I definitely had this before anyone else (this never happens to me), I've seen absolutely everyone wearing it since and I totally understand why! This jumpsuit (shop here) is soooo comfortable and light, and even though it's white it's not at all see-through. Also, because of the culotte-style bottom, this jumpsuit is so loose fitting and helps keep you cool in this crazy summer heat. I remember when I first spotted it online I was nervous that it was too "out there" but I'm so glad I ended up taking the risk because jumpsuits are definitely a must-have this summer. I'm seriously obsessed.

Jumpsuits have been my go-to this summer, so scroll down to see some of my other favorites and stay tuned for a special Fall post on the best jumpsuits for when the temperatures drop!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

dome BEAUTY Finds

Calling all Chicago beauty lovers! After looking everywhere for writing jobs post-graduation, I came across an opportunity at dome BEAUTY and instantly fell in love with their products! Some of you are probably wondering if this is a sponsored post and it is not – these are my true, honest opinions about this brand, and because of my love for the products, I wanted to share. 

dome is a small company in Chicago offering high-quality beauty products, and when I say high-quality I mean it! I've never been a big makeup person, and because of that, all of my products are cheap, drugstore finds. So, when I received the "eye jewels," shadow, eye liner, mascara and brushes, I was SHOOK. 

By this point, you all should know how much I love gold jewelry, so why not add a little gold to my face? In the eye jewels I have the color "24 K Gold" and in the shadow I have the shade "Brazen Bronze" which you can see swatched on my arm in the above image. I've never tried anything like the eye jewels offered at dome and I'm now completely obsessed. As you can see in my second picture above, the eye jewels are basically a mousse-like shadow. Both the eye jewels and the shadow are highly pigmented and are the perfect colors for a night out, I've been wearing them almost every Friday night (when I'm not binge watching Ozark). While the shadows are incredibly high-quality, the brushes that dome provides are perfect as well and make the whole makeup process so easy.

Okay, now let's get to the product that I've used everyday and is by far the best of its kind – the mascara. Some of you may be rolling your eyes right now thinking, "it's just mascara, right?" And it is, but it's the best mascara I've ever used. This "magnetic mascara" picks up every single lash, making your lashes look full and flawless. I struggled with trichotillomania which I developed in elementary school as a result of my anxiety. While some people with trichotillomania pluck at the hair on their head or even their eyebrows, I for some reason could not stop pulling out my eyelashes. By the time I finally stopped, I had extremely thin and sparse lashes. I hope I haven't grossed any of you out, I know it's not pretty. But with this in mind, I've always struggled to make my eyelashes look full and beautiful no matter how many drugstore brands I tried, but finally, this mascara has changed that for me and I can't live without it. 

Have I convinced you of the greatness that is dome BEAUTY? If I have, shop their products here. If you still need more convincing, continue scrolling through my pictures and look out for a new post with the makeup actually on!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Latico Leathers

Today we are talking all about Latico Leathers! I've been looking at Latico's bags for a while now, but by coincidence, I received this bag from their brand for graduation. I can't find it online in black but did find it in berry (shop here). I originally fell in love with Latico when I came across this backpack. Isn't it perfect?!  I also recently came across the Blake bag in mahogany and I'm obsessed! I'm hoping to get one of them in the next few months.

What I love about Latico Leathers is the quality of the products. The leather is gorgeous and such amazing quality, I wish these pictures did it justice. There are also so many pockets on the inside that are great for separately storing everything you may need for work or school. The bag I have is exactly what I wanted for work because it is so durable, it's perfect for lugging my laptop around. 

Whether you've just graduated and are starting a new job, or are going back to school and looking for a stylish new backpack that everyone on campus will want, check out Latico Leathers for the best high-quality options. 

Keep scrolling to see more of my bag and go to the bottom to see my other favorites from Latico Leathers!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

T-Shirt Dress With a Twist

I can't believe it is already August! This summer is totally flying by but the temperatures have remained high, making it impossible to throw on my favorite pair of jeans.

For errands on a hot summer day, I love to have a few quick and easy outfits that will keep me cool and comfortable. But while I like these summer outfits to be easy to throw on fast, I don't want it to be boring. So, instead of throwing on a simple t-shirt dress, I often turn to this dress with large ruffled sleeves and deep cuts down the side. This dress definitely has a sexier vibe and I love to pair it with my double-buckled belt from Target (shop here) to give myself more of a shape in this boxy dress. It's so easy and perfect for errands.

As per usual, I paired this look with my favorite buckled sandals and Ray-Bans. I wish these sandals weren't still out of stock, they are seriously the best pair of shoes I've ever purchased!

I got this specific dress on sale at Urban Outfitters and don't see it online anymore, so I've linked a few other options at the bottom of this post. Scroll down for the links and to see the rest of the pictures from this shoot!

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