Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The last few weeks of summer are here and our schedules are crazy! So, we decided to share a quick and easy outfit that will easily transition into the Fall. Keep reading to learn where you can cop our look.

With summer ending and the Fall semester quickly approaching, picking out a cute outfit takes a backseat to functionality. From running around for errands to going to classes in an uncomfortable lecture hall, it's important to have a few quick outfits to turn to that are easy to move in and comfortable. 

My outfit here is seriously so comfortable. The top I'm wearing is from Free People, I couldn't find it online anymore but it is so soft so I would recommend looking for a similar one that is currently available there! My Joes Jeans are also incredibly soft, but a warning, they do stretch out throughout the day so size down! As you may have noticed, I wear the choker pictured above a lot and that's because it goes with almost anything and I like what it adds to an everyday look. Although I haven't uploaded a post yet wearing the belt, it is absolutely a staple in my wardrobe. It reminds me of the black belts stars like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were rocking last Spring and I definitely think it will stay in style into the Fall.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016


This summer has been crazy hot so on our days off we like to opt for light pieces like this romper to try to beat the heat. Learn more about this look below.

Romper (similar) | Shoes | Purse (similar)

It has been in the 90s all week here in Chicago and it's almost unbearable! Instead of hiding inside today with the air conditioning on full blast, I ran some errands in this romper and was SO comfortable. This exact romper is no longer available but I linked a similar one above. The one I'm wearing is so lightweight and the open back helps me stay cool despite the heat and humidity. I also like it because although it is a floral print, it doesn't feel too girly, so it better suits my style. I paired it with my black lace-up flats (I warned everyone that I wear them A LOT!) and a simple grey Kate Spade bag. This exact bag is also no longer available but I would really recommend Kate Spade in general, their purses are super durable and they have great sales every few months where you can snag a bag for 75% off. 

I hope everyone keeps cool this weekend and keep a lookout for a post Sunday on our weekend wear and #wearweate.


Monday, August 8, 2016


It's the summer before senior year and internships are SO important as we head into our final year as students. Making a good impression on the job is key, but it's also important to dress for the part.

Shirt (similar) | Pants (similar) | Shoes | Bag | Watch

As college students, employers almost expect that we are disheveled and unprepared and it's our job to go above and beyond to prove ourselves. Beyond being responsible and timely with your assignments at work, it's important to dress to impress. You don't want to wear what you wear on the weekend with your friends, but that doesn't mean you can't recycle some key pieces in the office from your everyday look. 

I love my white tank from this look. It's so versatile and I can easily wear it to work or at a nice restaurant in the city, it literally goes with everything. The slacks I'm wearing are THE BEST! They no longer come in the pattern I'm wearing but the exact same pant in different colors is linked above. They are so comfortable and have some stretch to them, so they are perfect for the 9-5. My only complaint is that they only have faux pockets. 

I wear the lace-up flats from this look all the time, seriously! I got them last fall from Steve Madden and was worried at first that they would only be good for just the fall season but I actually have been able to wear them a lot this summer, despite their darker color. My bag is also so useful, despite the fact that it's HUGE! I've found that the size is perfect for an internship setting, especially since I have to lug my laptop back and forth on the CTA each day. I also like to be over prepared for whatever may come my way during the workday, so this bag can fit anything I may need. Lastly, I always wear a watch at my internship so I can quickly check the time without pulling out my iPhone. I love my Kate Spade watch, the face is the perfect size and it is so high-quality, I know I'll have it for a long time. 

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Saturday, July 23, 2016


Like we said in our last post, everything old is new again. We LOVE that denim skirts are back in style because they are so versatile and easy to wear. 

Crop Top (similar) | Skirt | Sneakers | Purse (similar) | Ring | Lipstick

Here, I styled it for a casual day, with sneakers and a suede purse. I'm obsessed with off the shoulder tops right now and the one I'm wearing here is super simple, I've been able to mix and match it a lot this summer. For the summer, I'm all about effortless, easy styles, so outfits like this are my go-to! I like to add at least one thing that keeps it a little more interesting though, so I picked a choker and a matte lip color. I'm super into chokers right now and for this outfit I picked a chunkier silver one to help make the outfit feel more put together. I'm wearing Kylie Lip Kit in "Koko K" on my lips which I love because it's so subtle and doesn't dry out my lips at all. 

We're trying to stay out of the heat this weekend (can you believe it's going to be 92° in Chicago tomorrow?!) but check back Monday to see what we recommend to wear for summer internships and jobs!


Thursday, July 14, 2016


Everything from the '90s seems to be back in style right now and while some trends come and go, we don't mind if the choker is here to stay. Chokers are so versatile, they can be dainty or edgy, for day or night. The outfits you pair it with and the other necklaces you choose to layer can totally change the vibe of your outfit.

The choker I'm wearing here is from a small boutique, Gigi Bottega, and is one of my favorites for a night out. The choker and the gold layers come as one necklace so it is super easy. I like to pair this one with a simple black or white top to really leave the focus on the necklace. 

This silver one is another one of my favorites and I find it to be one of the most versatile. This one is from Urban Outfitters and I find it takes on a different vibe based on the necklaces I pair it with. The mini flowers and simple design make it easy to pair with a more feminine romper but I can also layer it with another silver necklace like the one above and wear all black and feel sexy, despite the floral pattern.

No matter your style, a choker can instantly add a little something extra to your everyday look. Let us know what you thought of our first post in the comments below and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @wearweroam.

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