Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Latico Leathers

Today we are talking all about Latico Leathers! I've been looking at Latico's bags for a while now, but by coincidence, I received this bag from their brand for graduation. I can't find it online in black but did find it in berry (shop here). I originally fell in love with Latico when I came across this backpack. Isn't it perfect?!  I also recently came across the Blake bag in mahogany and I'm obsessed! I'm hoping to get one of them in the next few months.

What I love about Latico Leathers is the quality of the products. The leather is gorgeous and such amazing quality, I wish these pictures did it justice. There are also so many pockets on the inside that are great for separately storing everything you may need for work or school. The bag I have is exactly what I wanted for work because it is so durable, it's perfect for lugging my laptop around. 

Whether you've just graduated and are starting a new job, or are going back to school and looking for a stylish new backpack that everyone on campus will want, check out Latico Leathers for the best high-quality options. 

Keep scrolling to see more of my bag and go to the bottom to see my other favorites from Latico Leathers!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

T-Shirt Dress With a Twist

I can't believe it is already August! This summer is totally flying by but the temperatures have remained high, making it impossible to throw on my favorite pair of jeans.

For errands on a hot summer day, I love to have a few quick and easy outfits that will keep me cool and comfortable. But while I like these summer outfits to be easy to throw on fast, I don't want it to be boring. So, instead of throwing on a simple t-shirt dress, I often turn to this dress with large ruffled sleeves and deep cuts down the side. This dress definitely has a sexier vibe and I love to pair it with my double-buckled belt from Target (shop here) to give myself more of a shape in this boxy dress. It's so easy and perfect for errands.

As per usual, I paired this look with my favorite buckled sandals and Ray-Bans. I wish these sandals weren't still out of stock, they are seriously the best pair of shoes I've ever purchased!

I got this specific dress on sale at Urban Outfitters and don't see it online anymore, so I've linked a few other options at the bottom of this post. Scroll down for the links and to see the rest of the pictures from this shoot!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Welcome to the very first edition of #WearWeAte! Chicago has some of the best, most beautiful restaurants in the world and I'm always on a mission to hit the latest and greatest spots.

One of my favorites that I've been to quite a few times now is 3 Arts Club Cafe on the Gold Coast. You may not recognize the name, but I guarantee you've seen Instagrams of this restaurant at least once. The cafe is inside of Restoration Hardware, so not only do we go for the food, but we also get to look at the most beautiful furniture upstairs. The actual cafe is like a dream with chandeliers and beautiful trees everywhere, so even if you're not hungry, you should stop by just to steal a glimpse at this gorgeous spot.

While the menu is small, it's decently affordable considering the high-end ambiance. You are all going to think this is so overrated, but the truffle oil grilled cheese is the absolute best at 3 Arts. I know you're thinking "what could be that great about a grilled cheese?" but I'm telling you it's worth a try. If you're on the healthier side, there's an array of salads and small plates for you to choose from as well.

After eating, I always head upstairs to check out the display rooms. There are staged bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and studies, all of which get you dreaming about future decoration plans. 3 Arts perfectly combines home decor inspiration with a gorgeous atrium-covered cafe, making it a must-see destination in Chicago.

Scroll down for more images of the cafe, my food and the upstairs show rooms. Click here to shop the outfit I wore.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Future is Female

One fact I stand firmly by is the fact that women are strong, powerful and "the future." I started Wear We Roam not just with the hopes of breaking into the fashion journalism industry, but with a goal of inspiring and empowering young women like myself. More than anything, I want this blog to empower women (and men) to feel good in their own skin, so I hope to do more posts like this in the future. Okay – now let's get to the look.

I purchased my "I've seen the future, she's female" t-shirt from Ali&Ariel (shop here) as part of a fundraiser for Domestic Abuse Intervention Services that one of the websites I wrote for in college promoted. I thought it was a top only offered during that fundraiser, but turns out it's always on the Ali&Ariel site! I love how this top adds some extra detail with the eyelashes, it gives it a girly hint while still getting across an important message. 

While I styled this tee with simple black shorts and a leather jacket for errands, I also love it with patterned pants. I've worn it before with my gingham trousers, but would also pair it with these or these. Culottes are much better in the summer heat than jeans since they are loose, so grab a pair if you haven't already. Pairing a simple top with more dramatic bottoms is really "in" right now, so take a chance with bold trousers! 

Scroll down to shop more t-shirts that promote female empowerment and check out Dazey L.A. for even bolder styles. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks

It's that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is like Black Friday in July and it's the perfect time to stock up on affordable pieces for fall. Here are 12 of my top picks from the sale, all under $150!

The first thing I was drawn to when I started shopping the sale was the sheer polka dot top. Sheer tops are super in right now, but I like how it incorporates the other hot trend with polka dots. It's so fun and I love the extra details on the sleeves. I also love the pink sweater. It's not a color I normally gravitate towards but the sleeves are just so beautiful! It also comes in red, navy and grey, so there's a color for everyone!

In this set, I specifically love the yellow sweater and ruffle top. Yellow has been everywhere this season, but it's also the perfect transition color for fall. Also, the back has extra details, all for only $42.90. The ruffle top is from Sincerely Jules' line and it's super versatile and well-made – I'll definitely be getting this before it sells out!

Happy shopping, ladies! 

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Can you tell I've been obsessed with blue lately? After months of wearing black all winter long, it feels nice to finally switch it up with some brighter colors. Literally every time I wear this dress someone compliments the color of it – it's so beautiful! 

Wrap dresses have been everywhere this summer, but it is hard to find an affordable option. I've been wanting one of Realisation Par's dresses for months but can't afford to drop $180 on a dress, so when I spotted this dress at Topshop for $100 less I was thrilled. I normally wear a 4 in dresses because I have a super long torso (even though I'm only 5'3'') but I got this one in a size 2 because it's a bit looser (shop here). It's definitely shorter on me than other people but I still really like it. It has the wrap feature and ruffles like more expensive dresses from For Love & Lemons or Realisation Par, but is only $90. What I really love about this dress is that it's super versatile – it's good for anything from a lunch with the girls to an interview. On top of all that, it's lightweight and the perfect dress for the summer heat.

As always, I wore my favorite black studded sandals from ASOS. This pair is no longer available but I've linked a few other options I love below. I also found a similar pair by Steve Madden (shop here) that doesn't have buckles but has a similar heel height. It also comes in a few different colors for those of you who don't love black as much as me!

Along with the sandals, I've linked a few other wrap dresses I love for every price range. Happy shopping!

Saturday, July 1, 2017


In honor of Wear We Roam turning one this month, I thought we would look back on how I got started and where I'm hoping to take the blog in the future.

Blogging is something I considered doing for years but it took a while for me to actually get started. I actually began with a Twitter account called "Real College Grl" after being inspired by Julia Dudko's success on Twitter which allowed her to launch her own blog. I created this anonymous Twitter four years ago and maintained it for a little over a year, and although it was fun to talk about fashion and college, I didn't find 140 characters fulfilling. So, for two years, I stopped completely to focus on my studies. Essentially, I gave up.

However, I never lost interest in bloggers. Actually, my interest grew as I found more bloggers whose success was almost unfathomable. These accounts included SomethingNavy, We Wore What,  The Blonde Salad, Happily Grey and so many more. What really impressed me about all these women is that, while all of them had amazing style, they were also incredibly confident and well-spoken. It was then that I realized blogging wouldn't only be a fun outlet to highlight my own personal style but also a way to further build my portfolio as a journalist. But still, this was only a dream and not something I was actually acting on.

Now we get to what catapulted me into blogging – CollegeFashionista. If you haven't heard of this and you're still in college I highly recommend you look into the opportunity. CollegeFashionista is a website where "Style Gurus" photograph college students and write articles about why their outfits are, essentially, great. Through this experience I got comfortable both behind and in front of the camera and learned how to write about the trends each season. Only a month after starting my internship as a Style Guru I launched Wear We Roam. I owe so much of this to that internship, and I highly recommend other women interested in fashion writing look into it as well. We can't all live in New York or California, but we can create our own hubs of fashion in each of our small towns.

While it has been a year, I still have so much work to do on Wear We Roam. I may have over 1,000 Instagram followers, but I know this can grow to be so much more. One thing I want to stay dedicated to is affordable options based off high fashion styles. There are tons of bloggers that wear the most beautiful clothes, all of which break the bank, but I want to be the place people turn when they want to be on-trend and in-budget. For the next year, my goal is to be more consistent with my posts, publishing at least one new blog every week. I'm also using this second year to network more, creating connections with fellow bloggers and brands. Specifically, I would love to meet and collaborate with more Chicago-based bloggers. Chicago may be a big city but it's definitely not known for it's fashion, so I would love to meet the bloggers who are trying to change that. If you're a blogger in Chicago or an aspiring one, shoot me an email! 

This is only the beginning – there's so much more to come as I continue to build Wear We Roam. Sound off in the comments on what you hope to see in the future!

Scroll down to see the details on this outfit.

Vintage Calvin Klein Denim Jacket (Similar) | Ripped Tee (similar) | Black Jeans | Vans | Ray Bans

Thursday, June 29, 2017


June is one of the few months of the year where I know I'm going to see my friends who I grew up with and I look forward to these few short weeks every year. While we love to go out in downtown Chicago, sometimes we have more fun catching up with a bottle of wine, reminiscing about all our crazy antics and our plans for the future. For these nights, I always turn to a casual cute look that will keep me warm as the temperature drops while we talk into the night. 

For this night, I wore a casual light-weight white knit sweater. I got this randomly on Etsy a few years ago and can't remember how I found it but I found a similar sweater here and here. A good white sweater is a must-have in the summer, it's easy to throw on over a tank top and anything white or cream is a go-to from June to August. 

The jeans I'm wearing are Levi's (shop here) and I've been living in them this summer. I had seen them on a few other bloggers who raved about them and saw that they were pretty affordable ($88), so I had to get them myself! They may not look like much but they are so comfortable and are easy to dress up and down – I highly recommend. I'll be doing another post in them soon for how I style them for a nice dinner, so stay tuned!

Lastly, to keep the look super casual, I threw on a pair of black slide loafers from Forever 21 (shop here) – total Gucci dupes but SO much cheaper and actually look great in person. Despite their low price, they are actually quite comfortable and really go with anything, but make sure you size up a half size! I've gotten a lot of compliments on them since I purchased them a few weeks ago which goes to show you don't necessarily have to break the bank to stay in-fashion! Forever 21 also has another Gucci look-alike slide loafers with a rose on top (shop here). I'll definitely be looking into getting these as well, they add a little something extra that I love although I could do without the fake fur.

Keep scrolling for more pictures from my casual girls night! Also, Wear We Roam turns 1 in July so look out for a major content overload! 

Monday, June 26, 2017


This season has been all about gingham and I'm loving it! I mostly gravitate towards the classic black and white gingham prints but I've seen gingham in every shade you could imagine every time I'm out shopping. I bought this pair from Zara after seeing them on Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What (unfortunately they are now sold out but I linked some similar pairs below). They are incredibly comfortable and actually so much more versatile than I initially thought and I've worn them a ton since getting them. 

For this outfit, I paired my gingham trousers (similar) with a cropped black tank and black loafer slides. For this unseasonable cold Chicago day, I topped it off with a black leather jacket. While this is a slightly nicer way to wear these pants, I also love to pair them with a band tee and Vans. Also, I think red tops look really great with them as well. There are so many ways to style these pants and I'll definitely be posting about them again.

Scroll down to see links to similar gingham pants as well as other gingham pieces I'm obsessing over right now!

Thursday, June 15, 2017


This summer, I've been swapping out my shorts for dresses and rompers. They are SO much more comfortable than denim shorts and can be dressed both up and down. What I love most about both dresses and rompers is that it's a complete outfit – you just throw it on, pick a nice pair of shoes, and you're done.

Since I've been stocking up on summer dresses, I've been looking for affordable options so I can get more bang for my buck. I found this beautiful blue floral dress at, of all places, Forever 21. I actually found that this dress looked pretty high quality considering the store I purchased it at. That being said, I wouldn't say it's the MOST flattering dress. It's beautiful in theory but definitely was a bit looser than I hoped and doesn't flatter my figure. However, I love the tie sleeves and print, and for this price it wasn't worth returning.

I paired the dress with a simple gold bracelet and this gold necklace. I got this necklace for college graduation and I've been wearing it every day since. It's so beautiful and simple, it goes with absolutely everything! Lastly, I wore a simple pair of black heels – definitely a staple pair of shoes.

Scroll down to find the links to everything I'm wearing as well as links to six other blue dresses I'm loving right now!

Dress | Heels | Bracelet (Similar) | Hoops

Shop more blue dresses I'm loving right now (all under $100)! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

#OOTD 06.05

It's officially *almost* summer and it is HOT! There's nothing I hate more about the summer than denim shorts, but denim skirts are a totally different story.

Last summer I was obsessed with my Urban Outfitters denim skirt (see in my old post 'denim daze'), but this summer I wanted something slightly longer. I found this light wash denim skirt at H&M (here) for under $40 – a total bargain. What I love about this skirt is that it's slightly longer in the back, so there's no need to worry about flashing anyone (just kidding, kind of).  

This summer is all about bigger & bolder looks, so instead of pairing it with a plain top, I chose this v-neck graphic tee from Urban (here). This t-shirt has been my go-to since I bought it a few months ago, it is super light weight and is a bold addition to a casual outfit. I paired the look with a double buckle belt (here) and Vans (here). Both of these accessories are going to be on repeat this summer. This belt is a Kendall Jenner duplicate and goes perfectly with both jeans and dresses, and as all of you know, I always love accessories that give a little extra edge. These Vans are the new Adidas', the big summer trend last year, and I love them! They are so comfortable, and while I do love the white sneaker trend, I always gravitate towards darker shades so I'm loving this trend.

Keep scrolling to see more of how I styled this denim skirt.


Monday, May 1, 2017


The temperatures are finally heating up and spring is fully underway, so it's time to put away those all black sweaters and pull out something with a pop of color. I decided to really switch it up from my normal, understated looks in favor of this pink sweater with dramatic tiered sleeves.

I originally saw a similar sweater on fashion bloggers Blair Eadie and one of the sisters of Yin 2My Yang. Their sweater was a more expensive version from Revolve that quickly sold out, but I found this dupe on SheIn for only $17. I was a little worried about ordering from this online shop after seeing some bloggers post negative reviews of their orders taking weeks to arrive and the products fitting terribly, but this was not my experience. My order came in 7 days, right on time, and the sweater fits like a glove. Sometimes, I find that styles that may not still be around next season are better to save on, so I'm always looking for a cheap yet great quality option, and that's exactly what I found on SheIn. This site actually has a lot of great options and almost everything is under $20 – it's perfect for those of us ballin' on a budget. (No, this is not a sponsored post).

I paired the overstated sweater with a pair of laid-back Paige boyfriend jeans and my favorite pair of black studded sandals. I'm seriously going to be wearing these shoes all summer, I'm obsessed! They are stylish with the silver details but have a short enough heel that they are comfortable to wear all day. Unfortunately, they are out of stock but I will work on finding a similar pair for all of you!

Keep scrolling to see more pictures in this dramatic spring sweater and check back Wednesday for new content!

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