Monday, January 16, 2017


During these cold winter months, style gurus around the world demonstrate how to do the layered look by somehow managing to not look like a snowball in layers of sweaters and jackets paired with precision. But this winter I'm focused on a different layering trend — necklaces.

We've seen all the big celebs do it — from Kendall Jenner to Madison Beer to Hailey Baldwin — it seems everyone this season is obsessed with stacking chokers and longer necklaces for the perfectly uncluttered layered look, and naturally, so am I. As you may know, I'm big on gold jewelry, so I have tons of different necklaces to choose from for my layered look. I found the key to making it look the most high-end, even if you're ballin' on a budget like me, is to make sure the metals are all similar in color. Gold necklaces, especially when they are cheap, can fade and adjust their hue, so watch carefully that the ones you pick are as similar in color as possible.

The top choker in this picture is this one from Urban Outfitters. I know, you're probably getting sick of hearing that all my necklaces are from Urban, but it's just so convenient. The second choker is actually part of the following two chains too, so it was made for layering. I got it from Nordstrom Rack for super cheap, grab it while you can! And where is the third necklace from? I'm sure you've guessed it — Urban.

Forget layering your clothing this winter and focus on layering your jewelry to really make your outfit look complete and on-trend.


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