Thursday, July 20, 2017


Welcome to the very first edition of #WearWeAte! Chicago has some of the best, most beautiful restaurants in the world and I'm always on a mission to hit the latest and greatest spots.

One of my favorites that I've been to quite a few times now is 3 Arts Club Cafe on the Gold Coast. You may not recognize the name, but I guarantee you've seen Instagrams of this restaurant at least once. The cafe is inside of Restoration Hardware, so not only do we go for the food, but we also get to look at the most beautiful furniture upstairs. The actual cafe is like a dream with chandeliers and beautiful trees everywhere, so even if you're not hungry, you should stop by just to steal a glimpse at this gorgeous spot.

While the menu is small, it's decently affordable considering the high-end ambiance. You are all going to think this is so overrated, but the truffle oil grilled cheese is the absolute best at 3 Arts. I know you're thinking "what could be that great about a grilled cheese?" but I'm telling you it's worth a try. If you're on the healthier side, there's an array of salads and small plates for you to choose from as well.

After eating, I always head upstairs to check out the display rooms. There are staged bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and studies, all of which get you dreaming about future decoration plans. 3 Arts perfectly combines home decor inspiration with a gorgeous atrium-covered cafe, making it a must-see destination in Chicago.

Scroll down for more images of the cafe, my food and the upstairs show rooms. Click here to shop the outfit I wore.

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  1. Beautiful place! Love your look!


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