Thursday, September 7, 2017

Post-Labor Day Whites

While we technically aren't supposed to be wearing white anymore, it's good to break the rules every now and then, especially when it involves a blouse like this one. 

I've worn this shirt quite a few times, so if you're following me on Instagram, you've probably seen this before. It is by the brand Olivaceous and I bought it at a small boutique called Gigi Bottega in my hometown. I think the reason I keep turning to this top is obvious – the details are unique and take this traditional summer color up a notch. Not only does the top have a peplum-esque shape, the sleeves have slits and the top laces up. It's kind of a detail overload, but somehow it all works and doesn't look too busy. I wish I could find the exact link for you all but this exact top is no longer online. As always, I'll link some dupes at the bottom of this post but if you're in the Chicago area, head over to Evanston's Gigi Bottega to grab this exact top.

Since we are getting closer to Fall, I paired this top with simple black jeans and black boots so all the focus remains on this shirt's gorgeous details.

Shop more white blouses (all under $100!) like the one I'm wearing here and carry this traditional summer shade into Fall. 

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