Friday, January 19, 2018

Brands I Love But Can't Afford

For anyone that's been following me for a while, you may have noticed I never buy anything above $150, and more often than not, above $80. At only 22-years-old, with a degree in journalism and only a few months out of college, to say I'm ballin' on a budget would be an understatement. Budgeting can be hard, especially as someone who is constantly following the latest trends and "it-girls" with the most covetable style. As a result, there's a long list of brands I love but can't afford – here are a few of my favorites.

Like I said, I never (ever!) spend more than $150 on an item. For many this seems low, but for me, this is pushing the limits – I've got to eat, don't I?! For this reason, GRLFRND Denim is totally out of my price range, along with a lot of other denim brands. I wear denim everyday and I'm always looking for new suggestions on the best jeans, and one of the first brands everyone mentions is GRLFRND. For light-wash denim, this brand has the cutest styles (like these) but they all tend to hover over $200. Thankfully, Levi's has some similar styles, but their sizing can be a bit hit-or-miss. Some other denim brands I love but definitely can't afford are AGOLDE and RE/DONE. 

House of Harlow 1960:
I LOVE everything Nicole Richie designs for her line, House of Harlow 1960. Like GRLFRND, the items aren't crazy priced, but they just aren't within my price range. I believe these items are only sold through Revolve, which is basically where I find everything I love and can't afford. What I've been eyeing most recently is this leopard sweater – I want it soooo bad! I also love this skirt (but I've definitely seen an identical option for waaaaay cheaper), this blazer, and this dress which is actually on sale!

Realisation Par:
I have been stalking this brand for years since Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What wore a dress from the brand. I saw pictures of everyone in these dresses last summer and they have some of the most flattering styles that can be dressed to look both girly and edgy (and obviously I lean towards the latter). You may have seen this dress on Kylie Jenner and Kaia Gerber, and it's a super flattering fit. Thankfully, there's a much more affordable dupe at Urban. However, I haven't been able to find anything I love as much as this or this at any other stores. Hopefully one day I can splurge on one of these dresses!

Okay, now we are making a major jump in price from the last three brands I spoke about. I believe that good accessories make an outfit, and unfortunately, this is often where I skimp on spending. One area I really never spend money is on purses, but that doesn't mean there's not a laundry list of ones I love. My number one, holy grail bag I love is this Gucci Dionysus bag. Despite being trendy right now, I feel like the style is actually really classic. I hope to invest in this one day and really amp up my wardrobe!

Manolo Blahnik:
If you knew how many times I've seen "Sex And The City," this would come as no surprise. While I don't consider myself to be a Carrie, I do love pretty much every shoe she ever wore. After years of watching Carrie traipse across Manhattan in nearly every major shoe designer, I fell in love with these blue pumps. Not only would I need a lot of money to afford these, but I would need a place to wear them! A girl can dream.

Okay, there's actually only one thing I've been dying for from Balenciaga but I've wanted it for years! I have looked for dupes of these cutout buckle boots for the last three years and haven't found a good option anywhere. One day, when I finally (hopefully) have $1,400 to drop on one pair of shoes, this will be my first purchase. There are so many ways to wear them and they perfectly fit my style, hopefully I can add them to my wardrobe!

There's quite a variety of price ranges here, but unfortunately none of them I can afford! While this can sometimes be disheartening, thinking about one day earning enough money to afford all the things I want is a huge motivator for me. If you really buckle down and hustle, you can achieve anything. Cheers to one day affording everything on this list – it's definitely not impossible!

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