Monday, January 15, 2018

L'Oreal Pure Sugar Scrub

I'm always on the hunt for new skin care products to help improve and perfect my skin. While I have my holy grail, must-have skin products that I'll never switch out (post to come), I love to try new deep-cleansing scrubs to use a few times a week to freshen my skin and this L'Oreal Pure Sugar Scrub takes the cake. I posted about this product before in my December favorites post (read here) and I'm still obsessed. Here's why.

There are a few different kinds of this new sugar scrub by L'Oreal. The one I was gifted is the "smooth & glow" which is said to "smooth away dullness." I was worried this scrub would be too rough for my skin but it thankfully wasn't although I would only use it once or twice a week. It made my skin feel incredibly soft, clearing away any rough or uneven patches on my skin. I even used it on my lips as a lip scrub to wipe away any dead skin that has built up in these dry winter months. 

One thing that I found a bit odd about the directions is that it instructs you to use the product on dry skin. This I do not recommend. I did that but when I used it as you would a normal facial cleanser (with water) it was much better and still got the job done. One other thing is that it does wash off brown, so do not wear white when washing your face!

While I've only tried the "Smooth & Glow" scrub, there's also a "Nourish & Soften" scrub for dry skin and "Purify & Unclog" for acne-prone skin. Because I liked the one I have so much, I will definitely be trying the "Purify & Unclog" one next – plus, it's kiwi flavored! 

I found the cheapest place to purchase this scrub is at Target for $9.99 (shop here). 

This product was gifted to me by Influenster in partnership with L'Oreal. This is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. 

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