Friday, February 16, 2018

Mood Board: Ultra Violet

If you haven't heard by now – although I'm sure you have – Pantone has hailed ultra violet as the color of the year. While the color of the year isn't always taken seriously (and sometimes can be a total miss) ever since the success of millennial pink I've taken more consideration with Pantone's decision. Continue reading to see my thoughts on this years color, and some suggestions of how to style this bold color. 

Okay, let's just address the elephant in the room that everyone should be thinking – purple does NOT look good on everyone. Actually, I think purple is one of the hardest colors to wear (other than nude). It's so bright and bold, it doesn't bode well with many skin undertones. That being said, fashion is all about taking risks and stepping outside your comfort zone, and this color definitely takes you there.

The key to styling this color is to keep everything else extremely neutral. So, if you're rocking a silk ultra violet skirt, you should pair it with a leather jacket and simple accessories like the woman in the image in the upper left. And, if you're not ready to throw on a whole dress drenched in the color, a purse or boots in the hue are another great option. 

Whether you choose to make the color the focal point of your look, or just throw it in to add a little oomph, ultra violet is the perfect color to ring in the spring season and add a burst of color to your wardrobe. 

This is actually an incredibly difficult color to find in stores, but after its appearance on the NYFW runway, I think more items in the hue will start to emerge. I've compiled what I could find below. Will you be adding this color to your wardrobe this year? Sound off in the comments.

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