Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My Thoughts On The Ugly Sneaker Trend

From Balenciaga to Yeezy, every high-end brand is getting in on the ugly sneaker trend. That being said, not every trend is a great one, and for me, this is one that misses the mark. However, there is a good and a bad way to rock this trend, and I'm laying it all out here.

While I totally see how we are going to look back on this ugly sneaker trend in 10 years with utter mortification, I have seen some people pull off the look in a stylish way. As you can see in the picture below, wearing a cute outfit that might not necessarily match the shoes is the best way to go. If you look put together on top, people will look at your shoes as if they are just a cool addition and not a giant eye sore. The key to this is opting for feminine and trendy pieces that are flattering for your shape. The woman below (anyone know who it is? Love her style!) wore a maxi polka dot dress and an on-trend blazer for a cool mixed print look. She looks totally effortless and confident, which helps her pull of the risky sneakers.

Sorry to all the Kardashian/Jenner fans out there, but Kendall Jenner perfectly exemplifies how NOT to wear this sneaker trend. Yes, Kendall's street style typically is a hit, but this whole outfit is a miss with or without the sneakers. The biggest issue is the ill-fitting pants – they create an unflattering silhouette that actually makes the sneakers look worse and more chunky than they did before. While her trench coat is a whole different story that I'm not even going to get into here (ugly!!), the look is too unflattering and mismatched to pull off. Just because the sneakers are ugly and chunky doesn't mean your whole outfit needs to be too. Don't lose sight of what's stylish and flattering when trying to dress up this trend.

While I'll be sticking to my Vans and Converse, I want to know what all of you think about the ugly sneaker trend. Are you here for it? Do you think it's here to stay? Let me know below!

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