Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mood Board: Blank Canvas

With Memorial Day behind us, it's time to pull all of your white clothes out of storage! While I'm pretty sure no one listens to the "no white after Labor Day" rule anymore, I personally wear white the most in the summer. It's clean, crisp, and like the title of this post, a blank canvas that you can add accessories to for a unique look.

I sometimes have a love-hate relationship with the color white. As someone that is often very pale, white clothing helps to make me look slightly tanner which I love. On the other hand, I often feel as though items in the shade can make me look larger than I am. On top of that, I'm extremely messy and pretty much always spill all over myself when I'm wearing white. But, in the summertime, I'll ignore all of this and buy a few key pieces in the shade.

I love everything in white, from a simple t-shirt, to a crisp white dress, to a beautiful white blouse perfect for date night. The color is great for both day and night, and a lot of the pieces I've linked before can transition well from work to dinner, and even from the summer into the fall.

In terms of tops, there's a TON of white options that I love and have been linking on the blog for the last few months. One of my favorites is this I.AM.GIA top – I'm really into the peasant top look right now even though sometimes those sleeves aren't best for my arms. I also like this light-weight long sleeve top from Revolve, it's kind of romantic, right? In addition, I've posted about these two tops before, but I like this one and this one. They are super similar, so you can choose which you like more based on your price range! Lastly, this one has been in my cart since spring, and I think it's a fun option that will look good with my gold layered necklaces.

Obviously, summer dresses are a must, and as someone who can't take the heat, a light-weight dress is a staple in my closet. This dress from Revolve is a super cute midi option, which I love even though I'm petite. I also like this simple Urban Outfitters wrap dress, this Zara dress is cool and different, and this one from Nordstrom (actually might be my favorite!).

In case you didn't already see something that inspires you to rock white this summer, I've linked 14 additional items below, a few of which I've already added to my cart as well! Happy shopping!

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